Moving Swing Plate

Our platform moves dynamically to provide a true-to-life feel, so you can practice your swing in an environment that mimics the real world.

High Speed Camera Sensors

Record your swing and receive immediate feedback on key metrics like ball speed and trajectory to help you fine-tune your technique and improve accuracy.

Auto Tee and Ball Retrieval

You'll be able to focus on perfecting your swing and sinking that hole-in-one, without having to chase a stray golf ball across the room again.

Virtual Caddie

Our cutting-edge technology will provide you with helpful tools, personalized hints on how to hit the ball, and which clubs are best for your swing.

  • There's a green mini-map, which is essentially a visual representation of the golf course that provides information on the putting green area. It includes information about the contours, slopes, and other features of the green that may affect a golfer's putting. 
  • A real-time swing analysis that provides the launch angle, face angle, ball speed, and driving distance for every shot. 
  • There's customizable setup choices, including difficulty, weather, and playing conditions. 
  • There's the option of a training mode, which includes a thorough analysis and addresses aspects such as driving distance, carry distance, ball speed & direction, and more. 


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